It's Cotton, It's Comfy, It's Classic - The Blue Jean Jacket

Blue Jean Jacket | It's Cotton, It's Comfy, It's Classic - The Blue Jean Jacket© Copyright 2009
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"That's right, the old blue jean jacket that had been relegated to the recesses of your memory and closet is suddenly fashion chic. Well, to be more accurate, it was always fashion chic; you just forgot about your old friend. What makes the blue jean jacket such a timeless classic?

  • The blue jean jacket is cotton, therefore it's comfortable.
  • The blue jean jacket is rugged and versatile; wear it to a bridal shower, or while flat on your back tightening a rusty trailer hitch.
  • Whether plain and simple or festooned with embroidery, the blue jean jacket is affordable.

If you let your blue jean jacket go years ago, maybe it's time for a "new" old classic. Here's help..." 

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Popular Features In Denim Jackets

Blue Jean Jacket | Popular Features In Denim JacketsBy Max Johnson

"As a man, woman, or child, the type of denim outerwear you wear will depend on your need and preference. The designers have developed a wide array of choices perfect for your needs..." 

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Blue Jean Jacket (collage)

Fall Fashion Trends - Take Your Denim Jacket to the Shrink This Season

Blue Jean Jacket | Fall Fashion Trends - Take Your Denim Jacket to the Shrink This SeasonBy Brenna Cleeland

"Fall and winter may have brought out long peacoats and trenches before, but not this year. One of the most sought-after pieces for the upcoming season will be the shrunken jacket, in a variety of styles. The difference between these new, tinier versions of your traditional autumn and winter favorites is their length; cuts are the same as traditional coats, but they hit slightly above the waist and often tie or button under the chest. The beauty of these new pieces is that they provide coverage in colder months without sacrificing sexiness or femininity.

The perfect jacket is one of the most important elements of your wardrobe, and with so many shapes and fabrics available this fall, it would be a crime to choose just one. The ever-present denim jacket is back with a new vengeance. Instead of the washes of last season or bulkiness of years before, this season’s denim jacket is soft, body-conscious and far more feminine than the traditional denim jacket. Corduroy and leather are back again, cropped and ready to be worn over anything from your favorite dress to distressed jeans..."

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Denim - Why We Enjoy Wearing It

By Lena Peppers

Now we all know how easy it is to care for denim. We can just throw it in the washer and be done with it. It is when we put it on that really counts. When we feel that denim jacket wrap around us and it is so very nice. We just feel great in it and just give us a pair of faded blue jeans to go with that jacket. And what else could we possible need. Now you can get Denim Jackets, jeans, skirts, Denim Shirts and Denim Vest in a lot of different colors and styles so when you are shopping for denim jackets you want it to be soft and prewashed so it won't shrink when you wash it check the colors for fade resistant so the colors stay bright the same goes for any Denim Wear you don't want them to shrink or fade. To get the right size pants measure around your waist where you want the pants to fit Blue Jean Jacket | Denim - Why We Enjoy Wearing Itand from the inside of your leg at your body to your ankle or as low as you want them to be. Then for a jacket go around the largest part of your chest this will give you your size if you want it to be a little more roomy then order the next size up.

Now friends when you are out and about on your motorcycle enjoying the day I hope you have on a pair of Denim jeans with a pair of Denim Chaps over them with a nice Denim Jacket, for you never know when something is...

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